On behalf of the PubLab research group, I worked together with a team of three to create a concept aimed at positively changing the perspective of parents of children without disabilities towards children with disabilities.
Research was conducted on the target audience, experts, and competitors. From this research, a concept emerged that aligns with the project's objectives. The concept consists of a series of storybooks for primary school children. Each book focuses on a different disability, where two stories are told from two different perspectives. One perspective is from the child with a disability and the other is from the child without a disability. Eventually, both stories end the same.
Following the storybook, a campaign was set up. The campaign "Shall we be ourselves together?" consists of posters, each with a different quote. These quotes all convey the same message but are visualized and translated differently. These posters are displayed in primary schools to raise awareness of the campaign among children and their parents.

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