As part of a study project, I worked with two other students to create and brand a new product. From start to finish, we developed the project, including generating the initial idea, designing visual marketing materials, and utilizing creative concepting to produce the final product. To ensure consistency and facilitate internal communication within the company, we also created a brand book.
The brand name is LEF, which can have various meanings. It translates to "courage," but it is also a shortened version of the Dutch word for "life", which is "leven".

Many people often find themselves carrying too much stuff at festivals. They may want to get rid of their belongings, but fear leaving them somewhere they could be stolen. This is where the LEF brand comes in. LEF is a festival clothing and gadget line that helps you achieve your ultimate festival feeling.
We started with a bag into a jacketĀ under the LEF brand, which has now expanded to a full festival line. Our focus is no longer solely on the bag and jacket, but also on other clothing products and gadgets.
LEF stands for freedom, dynamism, and comfort, and our vision is to empower people with courage.
It's a brand that aims to provide freedom and comfort at festivals. It allows you to express your personal style through clothing and gadgets. Our main goal is to help our customers have fun and feel free.
"Through our brand, we hope to bring balance and safety to festivals around the world."

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