Maud is 20 years old and has already survived cancer twice. "You must promise me one thing, I will always remain the 'Maud' you know. Please, just act normal! I'm not pitiful!! Be happy and supportive and that will make me very happy!" This was the message of Maud's very first blog. How has she managed to cope over the past few years? By staying positive, because positivity is already half of the victory.
The theme of my case study is "perspective". Since Maud had her stem cell transplant and the stem cells entered her body, she has gained a new perspective on her life. After thisĀ  tough time, she tries to put it behind her to get her "normal" life back.
My exhibition is not only about the twenty-year-old Maud, but mainly about her positivity and strength in getting through it.
Using a photo report and a video, I have visually presented her story. "It's not just another interview, but a story that I can proudly carry with me," saidĀ Maud about the end work.

"This project was dedicated to Maud, who recently passed away. In memoriam."

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